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*Offer currently only available to individual owners residing in the USA with properties in the USA.

One sign-up gets you listed on, and as well as our gigantic vacation rental distribution network -- and you won’t have to pay an extra cent! As the largest advertiser on, Airbnb, Homeway, VRBO and many other websites, we have the marketing muscle to get you the best opportunities -- including higher placement, maximum optimization, and the most exposure. We’re able to analyze data from thousands of advertisements and then optimize your listing with all the information we learn to get you more reservations effortlessly!

Let us do the work and make it easier for you to manage your own vacation rental property.

Your second home shouldn't have to be a second job. We handle all the pre-booking services for you, from 24X7 inquiry response, to customer reservation support, payment processing and management. You receive completed reservations with completed contracts and payments. Plus we include a $3000 accidental damage waiver, so you don't have to worry about accidental damages.

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Get the rates you want and massive exposure on every channel without it costing you a cent. We add our marketing costs to the price we charge your guests -- all you pay is 3% processing fee on each reservation. It’s free to list your property and you can cancel anytime. You can also stay in your own property as much as you like with no caps on personal stays, as long as you have updated your calendar and your calendar reflects all booked dates. Get started today and your property will gain global exposure and more reservations right away!

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  1. Create your listing using our easy listing tool on
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  4. You maintain up-to-date calendars and pricing. (Pricing can be set up to three years in advance, so you can set it and forget it.) We integrate with many popular calendar programs including iCal, VRBO/HomeAway/Airbnb. We can operate as your master calendar as well.
  5. We respond to inquiries, complete the bookings, collect the payments from all the websites 24X7.
  6. Then we send you completed reservations and payments minus only 3% processing! You will receive your Nightly Rate x Length of Stay + Cleaning Fee + Tax = Total - 3%!

Get Going Now! Quick Sign-Up. Easy Build. No Set-Up Cost.

BONUS Add Your Own Personal Website To The Mix. Absolutely Free!

That's right - you can add your own website to the extensive advertising network! Choose and you'll also receive a bonus personal website to promote your vacation home at no cost, no commission to you!

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  RedAwning On Your Own
Automatic building of your property listing on every website Included 1-2 Hours/Website
Automatic loading of your photographs to each website Included 1 Hour/Website
Extra cost to promote your ad on more websites $0 Variable
Loading rates on each website in network Included Manual
Updating calendars on each website Included Manual
Responding to inquiries you receive from each website 0 Work for You 5-10 Hrs/Week
24x7 Response for highest response rating and highest ad priority Included Do you sleep?
Managing bookings and payments you get on each website Included Are you a CPA?
Renter contract processing Included Are you a lawyer?
Covering accidental damage with a $3000 damage waiver Included Ouch!
Credit card processing costs Included 3%
All of this including credit card processing 3% 3%

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • How much does it cost to sign up?

    Sweet nothing. It’s absolutely FREE.

  • How do I add my property to your site?

    Simply click the GET STARTED NOW button and follow the directions.

  • Is there a step-by step guide to listing my property?

    Yes! Watch this quick slide-show (or download the PDF version by clicking the gear icon at the bottom of the slide) -- and feel free to email us if you have any questions.

  • Will there be additional work or more forms to fill out once I’ve listed?

    No, one sign-up, one set of property information and photos is all we need -- we’ll take care of getting your listing on all other websites.

  • If I list with am I automatically listed on all your partner sites?

    YES. Yes, you will be listed on all the websites in our network. However, if you already have an ad on one or more websites, you can choose to let us manage that for you, or to continue to manage those ads yourself.  Just let us know.  

  • Am I supposed to deactivate my other listings on other websites?

    You will eventually, but only after we've transferred or built new, optimized listings for you on those sites. We will work with you to let you know when to deactivate.

  • Who pays the commission when you list my property on websites like and Airnbnb?

    We do. You only pay us a processing fee of 3%.

  • Who pays the ‘Reward’ to guests who earn discounts for multiple bookings?

    We do.

  • Am I responsible for sending invoices and collecting payments?

    No. We invoice and collect all payments for you via credit and debit cards. You do not need to use PayPal or other services as we will send payments to you by direct deposit through which is free to you, or by check depending on your preference.

  • Do I have to pay to activate my listing?

    There is no fee to activate your listing. The listing is free and we only charge a small 3% processing fee on reservations we generate for you.

  • How do you do all of this for just 3%?

    We cover our costs and channel fees as markup on your base prices.  This keeps your prices intact and you will never be required to pay additional channel fees or commissions. Generally, the total mark-up will typically add 10-20% of your base rent. Our experience with tens of thousands of properties demonstrates that the additional advertising benefit will dramatically increase your reservations even with the modest increase in price. Remember, if you don't get bookings, we don't make money either so we are very motivated to drive more bookings. There is no risk to see what your property can do in the world's biggest travel channel and you can cancel at anytime.

  • Why not do some of the websites myself?

    For each marketing website you manage yourself, you need to sign contracts, load your photos and descriptions, fill out all of your amenities and features, load your rates, and regularly update your calendars.  Then every time you take a new booking or change your rates, you would need to log into every website and make changes.  That’s on top of all of the inquiry response and follow up required by each website, and you need to respond quickly 7 days a week for your ad to be prioritized in the websites.   When you partner with RedAwning, all of that work goes away as you only have to let us know when you want to change your rates or hold dates on your calendar for a personal stay.  We do everything else across every website.

  • Who responds to guest inquiries over all these channels?

    We do. We’ll respond to all inquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get your more reservations with less work! If we get a specific question we need your help with, such as how many steps to the front door, we will reach out to you. Ideally you will have added as much information on the property as is necessary, such as bedding supply, distances to popular attractions, special considerations (pets, handicap access, etc.) and you will have loaded a fabulous selection of quality photographs so you we contact you even less, and can answer most questions without you lifting a finger!

  • What part do I play in the transaction?

    All we ask is that you follow channel requirements, keep your calendars updated, your rate table correct, and your acceptance high, so we can avoid double-bookings, problems with rates, etc. Most channels require 100% acceptance rates. But this won't be a problem for you, right? You update your calendar the minute you get a booking.

  • How will I know there is a booking?

    Huzzah! You have a booking! We will send you a notification by email.

  • As an owner, may I screen potential guests by telephone before I commit to them?

    In today's instant, online booking environment there is less back and forth between owner and guests and therefore less opportunities to screen guests. Nearly all major websites require high acceptance rates or you could face penalties such as listing de-priotization and/or cancellation and relocation costs. Please let us know within 24 hours if you wish to accept the booking or not. An accurate calendar is imperative and your timely response will ensure a smooth process that is trusted by all.

  • What must I do when I receive notification that I’ve got a booking?

    Let us know right away that you accept the booking; we will continue to process the booking and the payment for you.

  • What do I do about my calendar in the meantime?

    Due to the highly competitive nature of holidays and the fact that you’re marketing so broadly, it’s best that you block your calendar immediately upon acceptance or use the “pending” feature to block the dates and avoid the possibility of double-bookings.

  • What happens if I don’t update my calendar?

    You wouldn’t do that to us would you? It’s imperative that you block any dates on your calendar that you want to use or that you've rented to guests outside of RedAwning.  All the major channels require 100% acceptance rates. While many channels charge a fee for double bookings, RedAwning doesn’t, so we would need to pass those fees on to you.  Please ensure that all calendars are syncing.  We will update your calendar for bookings on every marketing channel where we have you listed, but you are responsible for updating the calendar anytime else you receive bookings.

  • Whom do I notify if I accept a booking?

If you respond to the email we send you notifying you of the booking, you will reach the right person to process the booking. Either way, accepting the booking or not, we need to hear from you within 24 hours or one business day.

  • What is the Three Strikes Rule?

Our mission is to provide our guests with the safest, most accurate booking experience. Our relationships with the channels we connect you to are paramount to your success and the success of all the owners and managers on the network. If you reject more than 3 bookings, we can no longer guarantee the safest booking experience for our mutual guests, and we will no longer be able to send you bookings. Your listing will be taken down and you will be removed from the program.

  • Who sends out check-in instructions?

    You will. Once the booking is processed, we will send you all the guest information so that you can continue to service the guest and add even more value to their stay.

  • What will RedAwning pay me?

    You will receive the full amount of the rental (including tax and cleaning fee), minus 3%. Please read full terms here.

  • When will RedAwning pay me?

    We pay you one business day after check-in for all stays. The only exception is for your first completed stay via RedAwning, which can be delayed for up to 10 days for additional checks and verifications.  

  • How will I know how well I’m doing compared to others in my market?

    We will send you monthly reports!

  • Who is responsible for cleaning and maintenance?

    You are. Make sure your house sparkles and your reviews will sparkle, too. Dirty homes are the number one cause of negative reviews and negative reviews have a big impact on reservations. You can download our handy rental home cleaning schedule here.