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Tahoe Tyrol Chalet 1228

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Sleeps 10
  • 2,250 Sq. Ft. Home
  • 4
  • 2
  • 10
  • Home
  • Pool

$251to$724 per night

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Average: 3.7/5 stars, based on 24 reviews

Geoffrey B. January 8, 2018
The location is great, the room configuration is great (the type of beds on each room). However the overall condition of the home isn’t good. The beds are super hard, the refrigerator froze all our food (we had to throw away about $20 in stuff), the cable didn’t work when we checked in, we had to call the cable company, only one set of kitchen dish towels, chairs were falling apart, etc. it worked ok but we wouldn’t book it again. Especially since we paid a premium.
Anonymous August 10, 2017
We visit Tahoe every summer and for the past 3 years have stayed in the Tahoe Tyrol Community - and thus have plenty experience with the various rental properties in this area. This property is lacking a bit in comparison to others. Our stay was 7 Days at the end of July.
The Good: LOCATION! Within 5 minutes of Beach, Casinos, Shops of South Lake Tahoe. AMENITIES - the Pool area makes for a great option when not at lake,Views of the lake were superb, quiet neighborhood. Property Management provides clean linens, towels and some toiletries. There are some kitchen utensils (pots, dishes, cups, mugs, silverware) but not an abundance and some were in disrepair. Rooms are plenty big with various bed sizes, mattress quality varied, plenty of closet space. Cable TV and Wi-Fi were great. The Bad: Not as Clean as one would hope, and up-keep needs improvement. There were several dead bugs in windowsills and in floor corners,, spider/cob-webs in corners and on walls. Loose lampshades, light-bulbs burnt out, dusty shelves. Toilet in upstairs bathroom a bit finicky, with caulking on sinks and showers looking a bit rough. Not many cups and bowls, and very minimal amount of Paper Towels/Toilet Paper supplied. BBQ dirty, burners struggle to light, patio railing a tad loose. Property Management was responsive, had some issues with obtaining Key Code, but communicated well via email and phone. If needed a place in a pinch, OK, but will probably seek another house upon next visit.
Owais K. September 1, 2016
This home has beautiful view in summer. Good for two families. We enjoyed a lot. Lodging company was great and was very helpful and courteous. Definitely coming back again.
Vivian S. January 18, 2017
The property was perfectly located! One bedroom upstairs, 3 downstairs, lots of space and a great view of the Lake. It's located just over 1 mile to Heavenly. The property was clean and in good condition.
Anonymous July 19, 2017
I will never stay here again. I don't understand the other reviews. We arrived to find dead bugs smashed in the wall above the entrance to the top floor bedroom and another on a wall downstairs. Any type of cleaning person would have spotted those in a minute. Most of the lights didn't work or have bulbs in them. Both nights, spiders crawled across my feet as I was getting in the bed which made me search the bed before laying in it. This place is great for 18 to 24 year old guys. I could go on but obviously it had not been cleaned thoroughly in awhile. If this had not been a "guy" trip, my wife and I would have left 5 minutes after arriving and demanded a refund.
Anonymous August 9, 2017
We stayed here last weekend and overall it's a good house.

The good:
The house has 4 bedrooms that are all pretty good-sized. The view from the deck is outstanding! You can see the lake and the sunset each night. The floorplan is great with an open living room that has a tall ceiling. The property managers were awesome to work with! They were very responsive and helpful via email. There were plenty of clean bath towels that seemed to be pretty good quality.

The bad:
The house needs a deep cleaning. I could tell that it had been "cleaned" meaning someone wiped down the counters and vacuumed the carpet, but the house hasn't had a deep cleaning in a LONG time! There are huge dead bugs smashed on the walls and spider webs in the corners. Also, the beds are TERRIBLE! Probably the worst mattress I've ever slept on. My husband and I slept in the king bedroom downstairs and I didn't know until then that they even made mattresses that hard. The king mattress upstairs was also very hard. My sister stayed in the full bedroom and said she could feel the springs in the bed. If I had to stay here again, I'd bring an air mattress. It also needs some new pans. The teflon is peeling off of the only large flat pan so we couldn't use it.

Overall, if we came back here I'd try to find another house in this location that's managed by this property management company but is kept up better.

Anonymous November 27, 2012
Great view! Rodents in walls made a scratching sound especially at night that was disconcerting.
Balgobind J. August 30, 2012
The people at the rental office were very friendly and very helpful. Unfortunately the girls in the office have not seen most of the rental properties so they could not give their first hand experience.
Anonymous January 20, 2016
Everybody had so much fun!
Mark J. February 20, 2014
Beautiful location and property. Checking in and out was hassle free. Overall, we had a wonderful weekend here!
PRATEEK J. September 23, 2015
Was totally amazing and from the house you can have the lake view in spite of being 3 miles away.

Chandra S. July 21, 2015
Overall great time here! nice pool and hot tub, great view and lots of space to roam around, both inside and outside! hope to come back one day!
Anonymous July 8, 2014
The house was very clean when we arrived. Everything seemed to be in working order. We only experienced two major problems. 1)the heater in the downstairs bathroom would not turn off. While that may be a nice touch in the winter, it was very uncomfortable in the summer. 2)the outdoor deck was very old and in pretty bad condition. A number of us got really serious splinters which was not the best moment of the trip. Other than those two issues though the house accommodated our group very well.
Jeffrey J. December 5, 2008
Once again, after many years (over 10) in the past, we were very pleased with our week long house rental. The new outdoor grill was great. We used it once to cook steaks with great results and we left it (with slightly less propane) the way we found it. The oven and microwave were also great since we used them a lot preparing our Thanksgiving dinner, cookies and desserts.

Here are some inputs to make this the house we want to rent again, next year:

Wireless Internet access: This has become very important to us. I am not sure we will rent this house next year without this. It seems to me that the Tahoe Tyrol homeowners association should have this as a feature in the neighborhood to raise the value of all of the rental properties. A centralized wireless access port for the neighborhood is not very expensive. Or the homeowner could offer a wireless capability that was accessed via the cable connection in the house. We would pay something extra for this feature as part of the house rental.

Minor repairs:
The light switch on the bedroom ground floor that turns on the “down” hallway light needs to be replaced. There are also some potential electrical problem that may be something outside the home (like a really big power tool being turned on and off in the neighborhood).
Anonymous December 1, 2009
The only drawback to the property is the lack of Internet access. Either the Tahoe Tyrol property owners should set up a WiFi service for the neighborhood. Or the owner should set up a wireless connection in the home itself. There is cell phone access so it is possible with the correct electronics to access the Internet via a cell phone connection, but it's slow and each computer has to have the cell phone connection electronics.
On the plus side we appreciated the new dishwasher this year and took full advantage of the relatively new oven and stove top. And I believe there was a new toaster oven. All and all the house is well furnished and has a beautiful view of Lake Tahoe.
Jeffrey J. May 2, 2008
Nice view of the lake.
Rashid H. August 20, 2008
The property had alot of spiders inside. A few people got bit at night, they think it was the spiders.
Anonymous December 4, 2013
Enjoyed our weeklong stay.
Denny R. April 27, 2008
The beds (all of them) were as hard as a slab of concrete. Denny has a bad back and believe it or not, between the drive and the hard beds, he had back surgery due to a herniated disc. We are NOT blaming you. The place was great with that one exception.
Roy T. January 4, 2010
Brilliant position with outstanding views and super close to the California lodge. But decor is mid 70's as is the TV and audio. Lack of internet is unforgiveable in 2010. Some investment by the owner would bring a better rating.
Jeffrey R. January 16, 2011
It would have been great except the house heating system was deficient and worst of all there were so many fleas I was bitten to death. Both my legs will be scarred.
Anonymous November 30, 2010
The empty refrigerator did not smell fresh when we arrived. After cleaning it with baking powder it was better, but still had a lingering spoiled food smell.
I installed a weather strip on the inside of the front door to reduce the cold air coming under the door. The weather strip reduced the draft of cold air by over 50%.
The house held up well during the two snow storms that dropped over 3 feet of snow. The local Tahoe Tyrol plow service for the driveway was timely after the first snow fall. The city plow that does Timber Lane comes as much as 12 hours after the snow stops falling. So your car needs chains or 4WD with M+S tires to get up the hill on Timber Lane during and up to 12 hours after a snow storm.
The house still needs a wireless Internet connection. We had up to 4 laptop computers and a Wii that would have used it.
The view of Lake Tahoe is still breathtaking and we will likely rent this house again for next Thanksgiving holiday week.
Karl W. July 26, 2012
I should not have paid the same amount for this house as my other family members paid for their much nicer houses. I felt like I was in a ski cabin for college kids. Cut marks on the kitchen counters showed that it was abused. The wood trim everywhere in the house was all banged up. The lighting was poor throughout the house. The refrigerator made a bunch of noise. My guests felt that the deck was unstable and could collapse. The unit was very beat up and badly needs upgrades.
Anonymous November 29, 2011
The keys were not available in the lock box on Sunday. The coax cable between the wall and TV was missing so no TV, personally bought cable. The waste basket in kitchen was a bathroom size waste basket, personally bought a normal 13 gallon waste basket. The coffee filters in coffee maker were too small. Extremely happy that wireless Internet was installed along with DVR for TV. Will definitely plan to rent house for Thanksgiving 2012.