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Ocean Dunes Villa 418

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Sleeps 6
  • 550 Sq. Ft. Condo
  • 1
  • 1
  • 6
  • Condo
  • Pool

$148to$268 per night

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Average: 3.9/5 stars, based on 50 reviews

Emily S. September 17, 2018
My room and view were amazing and I would really like to try to book the same room in the future.

The only thing I did not like was there was not a path from Ocean Dunes to the Cabana.

I think there should be a baby pool made available. We had a yr old and it would have been nice to have a baby pool or access to the hilton pool.

I also think information regarding the trolley was poorly advertised. On social media it was advertised that you could take the trolley into sea pines, and you could not. The trolley did not even come down to ocean dunes. We were hoping to use it to go out without driving two cars and have an adult beverage. Due to restrictions, this was not an option. Please correct advertisement.

Favorite restraurant was Skull Creek.
Allison A. October 1, 2018
As always, we enjoyed our stay here, as we do every year!! All the staff are so welcoming and helpful! We almost got ran off by Hurricane Florence, but right before we were going to leave, the evacuation was lifted so we were able to enjoy the whole week! We love y’all!!!
Kurt K. March 26, 2018
sliding glass door almost impossible to move and the bedroom tv wasnt working
also the sofa felt like it was stolen from some front porch in the hills of WV just the cheapest sponge
Frank R. May 1, 2018
The view from the balcony was very beautiful and that’s where we spend most of our time when we weren’t on the beach or out and about, however.. Not to be critical but can’t help it not to say that the condo itself was very old and outdated and in need of many repairs and upgrades, It just seems rather apparent that the owner don’t care about the condo and hasn’t done anything to make any improvements even though it says recently updated. I failed to see what was an upgrade. Needless to say we will not be staying at this condo no longer and I know it is for sale so good luck with that..We have stayed here in this condo once before and when we got back I suddenly remembered why I told myself I wouldn’t stay here again but if it wasn’t for the perfect beach views of the balcony, I personally would not stay here and pick a nicer condo to stay in unless it was a last resort. it was clean though and had all you need. My advise to the owner... get rid of the sharp edged glass table tops etc.. they can be painful when you nail your leg on it or for some child to trip and fall and hit their head or nail their eye on a corner.... terrible chose for furniture, too big and bulky for the size. Our stay here in the condo wasn’t BAD persay, just doesn’t have the home or beach feel it should have. If we’re to buy it I would totally gut it and start over. I know all this sounds harsh and all but just trying to be honest and call it for what it is. Like I said, you will love the views and also, get taller seats and table for the balcony and get a new comforter... it was ripped.
Anonymous June 19, 2018
We have stayed at this property every few years since 1970 when it was known as the Adventure Inn, and have never experienced a bad visit. Not once. The units have been continuously updated over the years to remain modern, clean and comfortable. Of course prices have crept upward but it is still most likely the best value for the location, view and convenience of any oceanfront one can find on the island. The owners definitely take pride in maintaining the properties. If there is a downside here, it is the fact that new buildings and pools have been built around the Ocean Dunes building and taken away all of the green lawn areas that were once so beautiful. In spite of this, the view from the balconies still provide a small amount of "green space" toward the beach from which the large rabbits still come at dusk to graze below you. After all these years, we still love it and highly suggest it for a family oriented vacation.
Anonymous August 15, 2018
The condo was decorated very cute but that is where the "good" stopped! The pillows were so old and flat that the two of them plus the shams put together didn't make one good pillow! Had to buy new ones we took home. Got ready to fix breakfast next morning and there was only one skillet that was small and worn out. Nothing non-stick to cook eggs in. I bought a new one of those to take home! The outlets were so worn out what few there were--only in hall--none in bedroom to plug up computers, cell phones, blow dryers, etc--that the item plugged in would just fall out. The sliding glass door would not lock--luckily we were on the fourth floor! There is no air coming to bathroom so it was sweltering hot. The handle on the sliding glass door in bathroom was broken off. And more importantly the shower knob was so worn out you couldn't get it to turn off! The faucet in the kitchen was so loose it was hard to hold it in place to turn off and on. We washed a load of towels in the washer on fourth floor and had to move them to the third because after spending several dollars we realized the dryer was not drying! The condo was clean and convenient but that is all I can say.
Anonymous September 13, 2016
We stayed again at Ocean Dunes Villas 418. It is square to the beach with an unobstructed view of the ocean and the sounds of the surf. It looks down on the new lovely pool. A truly wonderful place.
Amy G. July 11, 2016
We love Ocean Dunes. Over all very satisfied. Have stayed in this unit several times. Would like to see some updates for wear and tear in unit such as paint, replacement of sofa bed and queen bed bc both ars very noisy and uncomfortable. Water does not drain from bath tub. Also, unit was not as clean this time. Vacation time staff very nice and helpful. New pool is great.
Valerie L. August 8, 2013
The condo was clean and the furniture & TV's were new. Bathroom and kitchen were older but in good shape. Plenty of towels and supplies for 3 people. It would be helpful to have hooks in the bathroom to hang bath towels and a clothing rack on the balcony to hang beach towels and swim suits. The building appeared to be older because of the dark brown paint.
Ashley J. July 10, 2017
The condo didn't have enough comfortable seating. I would like to have seen less tables and possible another small love seat. The kitchen table is bulky and rather unnecessary in this small space, also.
Kalvin P. September 20, 2013
Patrick W. July 7, 2014
This is the first review I have ever done on a vacation condo. We arrived July 28th and at first glance the condos seem to be fairly cleaned. We soon found that the condo needed a lot of maintenance repairs. The sliding door to the balcony was very hard to open and closed due to the amount of dirt built up on the sliding tracks. The bathroom was the worst, the tub was dirty and the tub finish was coming off which made it look even dirtier. Both the shower and sink drains were partially clog and when taking a shower we had water ankle high. On Wednesday someone entered the condo while we were at the beach. Luckily the only item taken was a case of beer. Thank god we always take all valuables with us when we leave. We reported this to the Rental Management on Thursday but there’s nothing they can do except recommend we report the theft to the police. Not worth doing that over a case of beer.

I guess I should have notified the Rental Management of the problems we were having with the condo, but I don’t think I should have to deal with maintenance personnel while on vacation. These problems should have been corrected before we or anyone arrives.
Rick S. April 22, 2017
This room had an excellent view of the beach and was clean. We had to call maintenance the first day as the shower did not work. They were prompt and made repairs quickly. Air units we noisy, and the room was generally very dated. Couch was broken down, bed was well worn. While it appears no updates have been done in many years, it is apparent the managing group is doing very well keeping this 1980 built complex in great condition. Elevator was clean and worked well, outside of complex is well manicured and very clean. There is public beach access on the south side of the property, and we noticed quite a few folks using the parking lot, which is forbidden. There may be other units with updates, which would make this property an excellent value otherwise.
Cheryl M. August 28, 2017
WOD418 needs to be up-dated: the stove is old and broken down. The microwave sits by two of the eyes of the stove making it unsafe to use. There is very little counter space for preparation. I rent a condo so that I can cook our meals. I enjoyed the view and balcony. I don't recommend renting this condo.
Anonymous October 30, 2016
Great place to stay right on the beach. Was Clean and had a great experience
Matt D. July 18, 2017
You could not beat the location of the condo. It is literally right on the beach. The view from the balcony is postcard worthy! The condo itself is dated, but fully functional. But at the price for a week you cannot find anything near that price point. The new pool was very nice as well.
Carolyn D. August 31, 2016
Suggestion Repairs: The shower did not work for Friday and Saturday. Maintenance came on Sunday and replaced the shower head, but it needed the part to turn the shower on. Also, the door in Ocean Dunes 418 going from the hall into the living room would not shut and seemed to be warped at the top of the door.

We had a great time, and hope to return soon.
Thank you for a wonderful Birthday vacation, Carolyn.
Richard C. April 6, 2015
Property is in a wonderful location but really needs some upgrading.Blinds were broken, very few utensils in kitchen, and kitchen and bathroom were not particularly clean. Dishes and silverware had dried food on them when we arrived, so all had to be washed before we could use them. Have always enjoyed staying at Ocean Dunes, great friendly customer service, but would not recommend this particular property to a friend.
Anonymous July 14, 2014
great view
needs to works on doors and cleanliness closets....
Anonymous August 12, 2014
First let me say - we LOVED THE LOCATION!!!! We were right on the beach, loved the pool, and the overall location of Ocean Dunes. It was easy to get around, we were close to Coligny Plaza which we wanted and everything was accessible.
The unit itself was clean when we got there; we were provided with ample towels, but I have to mention a few "heads up" items for future renters.
The bed in the bedroom squeaks like crazy. Moving around during the night ALWAYS woke up the other person because it was so loud.
The internet was spotty and we had to hook onto another router which didn't always work - used up a lot of our data which was annoying because the wireless internet advertised was one of the reasons why we booked here.
In the living room, the blinds on the sliding glass doors need to be replaced. They don't close properly and our kids had trouble sleeping because the blinds remain partially open.
If you're planning on using the bunk beds in the hall, bring a fan - there is no A/C there and your kids will sweat and be uncomfortable.
I'm not bashing the unit - we enjoyed our stay there. I would stay at Ocean Dunes again in a heartbeat but probably not this unit unless some changes and revisions were made.
The staff at the complex and Vacation Time were helpful and really really nice and gave us some great suggestions while we were there.
Debbie P. July 15, 2015
My extended family started staying here 35 years ago and they stay every year. We started staying 19 years ago. We noticed about 5 years ago that things were not being maintained but liked the location. This year was a DISASTER!!! Had to call maintenance for 4 different issues including one that caused my disabled son to fall in the shower. Construction mess and noise ruined our vacation. Two of our disabled family were unable to go to the pool because of NO access. Even inside the condo the noise disturbed us. My brother was at the other end of the building and he had NO peace. He had to stop the workers from backing into the building (with two people on the tailgate so they would have been crushed). Needless to say we will NOT be back. This is a shame because we have so many memories of past vacations with family who are no longer with us. There are other, nicer places on the beach.
Bob P. October 9, 2014
The vacation was extremely nice and restful, with perfect weather in the low 80's for the first week of October. The complex is well situated with an ocean front view but a big drawback are the 10-12 trees that distract somewhat from a clear view of the ocean. If you stay at this resort, stay clear of any lower level rooms as I question ANY view of the ocean from first and second level.

Also, can't speak for other units but our 4th floor unit bathroom has no shelves cabinets or space to place toiletries, etc. very cramped.but the shower was excellent with a full burst spray of water..very good.

If you are arriving after 6PM be sure to make arrangements for room key pickup..and drop off for early departure.

Otherwise,me joy your stay
Alan C. April 21, 2014
Spent a week with whole family for spring break then a week alone with the wife for the Heritage. Great view for a much better value than some areas. Close to all our favorite areas on the island. Staff was professional & welcoming when I had questions. Unit may be slightly dated, but the layout is great and everything was fully functional.
Anonymous May 26, 2015
The only problem we had was with the bed in the bedroom. The mattress was very uncomfortable, the box spring was very noisy even with the slightest movement. And, the mattress and box spring were attached to a wicker headboard which was also very noisy with every little movement. These items should all be replaced.
Steve S. March 18, 2016
The day we arrived,Feb 1 the construction co building next door started up a huge sump pump in the afternoon. We knew there was construction that would be going on and got a 15% discount. However this pump was the size of a VW and sounded like a jet plane and ran 24/7. We went and talked to the contractor and he said it could be a week, that was unbearable. We were in a unit very close to the pump The next am we visited the office and they moved us to a unit at the other end of the bldg. The staff there is tremendous and always solves any problem immediately. The unit we moved to 418, had some minor problems they quickly resolved.Over our 20 yrs using Vac. Time, we were extremely happy. Loved the 4th floor ocean front units.Love HH
Anonymous June 10, 2015
We enjoyed our stay in Hilton Head. We were pleased with our stay.
JOANN C. September 29, 2015
Anonymous September 9, 2015
Very enjoyable
David W. June 1, 2010
We have stayed at Ocean Dunes several times and have always enjoyed the unit, the view and the location. We will come back. We are from Ohio, not NY.
Lucille T. October 2, 2010
My only complaint was that the balcony furniture was not very comfortable to just sit and read and relax and snooze. Could have used a coffee scoop and a better wine opener.
Paul H. September 28, 2015
We had a good time like always. The place was very clean. However, the bathroom and the kitchen needs to be updated. The door on the shower didn't have a handle on the inside to get out. The drain in shower didn't work. Water backed while you took a shower. The tub was very old!! In the kitchen the microwave too big. Over lapped the stove. In the refrigerator the ice maker throw the ice everywhere. Everyone in the office was great. We will stay down there again but not in this place. Thanks for everything.
Jean B. May 4, 2011
Upkeep and cleanliness do come first but what about the little comfort measures? Upgrades needed: stove rings made for GE stove so pans are flat, not tilting, sharp paring knife, bright reading light, air conditioning vent positioned away from end of couch, a convenient shelf for the microwave rather than on top of the refrigerator and at least one microwave cooking bowl with a lid. I could recommend this unit to a friend if they knew the avoidable drawbacks up front.
Come on owner, fix it up.
Anonymous April 18, 2016
Great location, ocean view and pool were terrific.
Villa, not so much. (dated bathroom and kitchen, broken ice-maker, no screen on sliding glass door).
Living area shown was small, but ok.
Anonymous April 11, 2011
Location was great. The big glass topped coffee table caught our legs several times as we rounded the corner into the living area. Furniture was not condusive to kids. Couch the only cozy place to sit. No broom, whisk broom, dust pan on site. Had to borrow one from front office to sweep up broken juice glass which shattered on tile floor. (Paint cans stored next to hot water heater in front closet?) Kitchen cabinets not as clean as rest of unit.
Anonymous June 26, 2010
I loved this condo. It was very nice. I would change the decor of the bedroom to match the rest of the condo, but other than that it was great! I was disappointed with the outside of the condo complex, very plain and boring, so it would be perfect if that was updated! However we had a great time and we would definately stay again!! Thank you!
Kenneth H. April 1, 2011
We had a very enjoyable time Ocean Dunes. It was very clean. The updates to the unit were nice, the bathroom could use a shelf and another towel rack the shower door handle kept falling off. It would be nice if the unit had a screen door.
Andrew F. May 24, 2011
We love the Oceean Dunes and Vatation Time of Hilton Head. We have kept coming back for over 15 years.
Sammy L. July 4, 2011
Additional towel service and air conditioned elevators would add to the property.
Michele C. August 31, 2011
I have been staying at this property for the past 17 years and won't vacation anywhere else!
Cindy A. June 28, 2011
Loved our stay! Clean and quiet...perfect!!!
Kimberly T. July 29, 2011
This was our 7th summer at HHI. We've stayed at several properties that are rented through Vacation Time. The staff is GREAT!!!! This unit was not what we expected, as far as, a comfortable stay. When we first tried to unlock the door....well it took us a few minutes to get the key to sticks and you have to give the door a shove to open. After a long trip that is not how I wanted my 'welcome'. The furniture was not comfortable and the size made it difficult to move around the living room. We kept hitting our legs on the sharp corners of the glass top tables. The dining room chairs are so heavy that they scraped the tile...and we were worried about the noise for the tenants below. The stove was difficult to cook on, because the burners were crooked. The microwave on top of the fridge...well....that just is not safe. We will continue to come to HHI(we will not stay in this 's just 'our beach' ... we love it.
Ray R. June 18, 2012
It was real nice stay looking forward to coming back real soon
Charles and Jan D. April 26, 2012
Need more space in bathroom....shelves, hooks,etc. Would be nice to have a screen on the sliding door! Very hard to open door (lock or key need help!!) Water leak in cuoboard under kitchen sink..quite wet! Still had a good time on the island; enjoyed our time there.
Sonya S. June 27, 2012
We had a pleasant stay at this property (Ocean Dunes 418). The price was right. The location was excellent. My only complaint was the twin bunks in the hallway. There was no railing or ladder so my kids couldn't sleep there. And, the mattresses smelled of urine. There were no waterproof covers on them. I called Vacation Time and they came and got them that day, but they replaced them with mattresses that looked the same and they also smelled of urine. I don't know why they wouldn't have invested in waterproof mattress covers for twin bunks that only kids would sleep in. Also, it would have been nice to have an extra dish towel and dish cloth. Otherwise, our stay was wonderful. The cleaning company called us the day we arrived and one other time to check on us. I would book with Vacation Time again, but get a bigger place. We crammed 2 adults and 5 kids in this place to save money. It was a little tight.
Vadim T. July 23, 2012
Very nice and clean place!
Amy G. July 8, 2013
This is the second time I stayed n this unit. Overall, I was satisfied. I really like the location. The property this unit is on is well maintained. I would like to see a few updates made such as: the sliding glass door is foggy blocking part of a beautiful view of the ocean. The a/c units are very loud, the bathtub clogs up and I found myself standing in a foot of water when showering, it's hard to lock and unlock the front door with the key, the TV remote was broken.
Anonymous April 5, 2013
We found the room to be comfortable and furnished well. The luggage carts and elevator were just what we needed Checking in and out was very convenient.
Charles and Jan D. May 9, 2013
Unit could have more shelves, hooks in bathroom.
Have been staying in Ocean Dunes for at least 30 years. Rarely have any problems; if we did, they were attended to immediately.
Larry B. July 22, 2013
We have stayed at the Adventure Inn & Ocean Dunes for years. The office staff has always been very friendly & addressed any problems quickly. The only complaint we have is the trash situation. Some guests put their trash in the laundry rooms & it stays there for days & starts smelling bad or they leave it in the hallways because they are too lazy too take it the the dumpster. The staff needs to check for this.
Eddie F. June 3, 2013
Great beach, good location, nice room, fair price,and super weather.