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Hale Kai 208

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Sleeps 6
  • Condo
  • 2
  • 2
  • 6
  • Condo
  • Pool

$308to$469 per night

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Average: 3.7/5 stars, based on 24 reviews

Anonymous October 18, 2018
It was just like the picture shows, amazing!! They were able to let us check in early which was awesome
. My only complaints were it wasnt as cleaned as I had liked, seemed like the maid had rushed the cleaning part. So I went over and wiped everything down myself again. But other than that and (the live geckos inside) it was an amazing price and VIEW!! The neighbor next door (who lives there) was very nice and helpful!! We would definitely stay again
Anita L. May 12, 2017
We love the condo. The location is excellent. It is conveniently close to everything and yet steps away from the ocean. It was nice to face the park with the greenery on the foreground when you look at the ocean. It has adequate space for the 4 of us and the unit was well stocked with EVERTTHING you can think of in a household. Unfortunately, the sink with the garbarator wasn't draining well and the garbarator did not work. We called the property manager and she said she will send someone, but nothing happened. The odour coming out of it got pretty bad at the last 2 days. So was the dishwasher. Maybe because no one used it for a while. We not use it, so we didn't know if it worked or not. Our holiday is only a week long, so we couldn't be bothered with these little things. Overall, it's a nice place to stay on reasonable price
Anonymous September 11, 2018
My husband and 8yr old son came to Maui for a wedding in August and from the start, the booking process and working with the property manager was fantastic! The place was cute and well maintained. A bit on the old side and in need of love here and there but overall, a great place in a great location at a great price. We spent most of our time in the pool and at the quiet private beach next door where turtles happily joined us in the water! The condo does not have AC but plenty of fans and air circulation.

And then the hurricane came! Our flight was canceled because of the flooding, fires and weather so we needed to book another day which they accommodated without issue. There was also flashlights and batteries in the condo for when the power went out which was nice. We did receive ample notice as well should we need evacuation.

We would highly recommend this condo to anyone looking for a cute place to stay. Our son LOVED his room upstairs and the area was very close to everything we needed. Staff was friendly and we were happy to call it home for 10 days.

All in all, an experience we will never forget!
Anonymous September 16, 2018
warm pool
private beach (with seaturtles)
not overcrowded
Lanai and Molokai view
nice and modern Apartment
Tammy G. September 16, 2018
Hot with no privacy whatsoever. That is how I can best describe my experience with this unit. The unit and property are in great shape and very clean. Not much of an ocean view .BEWARE .. there is no a/c and the location next to "family friendly park" is a bit misleading. During the day perhaps ,but at night a different story.The problem I had with the unit is there is no way to get any privacy or security without closing the patio door (that does not have a lock by the way) and sweating your *** off or leaving it open all night and risking your safety. You can have comfort and privacy or a sense of security but not both.
Property manager was great and very sympathetic to our concerns. She offered to move us to another property but nothing she had available was to our liking . We ended up moving to a different property at our own cost. Very, very nice place but almost twice the price as this unit.... I guess " you get what you pay for " .
Jennifer D. October 9, 2018
My family and I LOVED this condo and it’s location. We were a little nervous after reading some reviews but you shouldn’t be! Close to everything we wanted to see and do loved the pool, it is right at the ocean! We would swim and just marvel at the view. Only a couple of small beaches are right at the property but they’re perfect for getting wet in the ocean. If you want to go to a bigger beach you have to travel a little bit. The condo had everything we needed except air conditioning, which we were prepared for. Plenty of fans! Can’t wait until we can come back!
Christina E. June 12, 2017
My husband and I chose this condo for our honeymoon. We arrived around 3pm, hit the beach for a bit, then quickly changed our clothes, and went to dinner. When we returned to the condo after dinner, we had to kill about 10 roaches in a matter of 10 minutes. I would like to point out the professional manner in which this was handled by both the rental agent and owners. However, if this had happened to someone else, I wish they would have told me. We only saw a few after our first night, but at that point all sense of ease was lost. We kept our luggage on the kitchen table, I was constantly looking at the floor with caution, double checking my shoes before I put them on, and shaking out my clothes and towels before putting them on my body. Another thing that ruffled my feathers was that we received a reminder of the quiet hours. As sad as it seems, we were stuck on our time zone, and were asleep before quiet hours even hit, so I didn't quite understand how we became the ones to blame. I will say the pool was nice, and we did see some sea turtles.
Ashley N. November 20, 2017
Great location, condo structure is dated, but rental unit is nicely updated, grounds are beautifully kept, access to ocean and mountain view from pool is spectacular. Unit was conveniently stocked with beach chairs, umbrella and snorkel gear. Kitchen is very small - only one cook at a time, but worked fine for our need. Blender and common grill worked well.
TA - Courtney M. September 3, 2018
We really liked this vacation rental, mostly for the location. It is right on a great beach for little kids - and we had two with us. They have chairs, some toys, towels - most things you would need for the beach which is great. The only real downside is that there's no AC, which most nights wasn't too bad, but a couple of nights were pretty hot and the upstairs loft was very warm. Downstairs stays cooler, but you do have to keep the bedroom door propped wide open and the outside sliding door open to get the cross breeze. The windows the in the bedroom must also be open of course which means a lot of noise from the road and parking lot. I'm a pretty light sleeper so this was an issue for me, but not my husband who sleeps harder. Just something to take into consideration when weighing your options.

The pool is small but very nicely maintained and a perfect temperature. Again the beach there is GREAT! Store right across the street is amazing, as is the pizza "truck" down the street. There is also really great snorkeling right off the beach if you swim out 20 years or so, which was a fun surprise!
Kathryn M. June 22, 2018
Property Mgr. didn't check property prior to rental. All appliances were not working properly and rental had lot of dust, dirt and other objects on floor and under bed. Small fan was filthy. Heat was bad with No A/C. Would not rent again from this rental group.
William B. November 15, 2017
The stay was okay - the room was nice and clean and the sheets on the bed are the softest I've ever slept on. It had everything we really needed, and we weren't there much anyways.
The location wasn't very good (no real swimming beach access, no easy access to shopping). The stairs to the upstairs loft are too steep, the bed in the main bedroom is too soft, there was a LOT of noise from outside. Parking was an issue, as we never did receive a parking pass - the form wasn't there when we got there (but got one very soon after I sent an email to our rep), but the pass never did come.
BUT, you can't really have a bad stay on Maui!
Fiona B. March 30, 2018
This condo complex is quiet and friendly. The condo had a few issues, but the realty employee listened and responded to our needs.
Jason C. February 17, 2018
I extensively researched this condo property, so when we arrived, it was what I expected. The condo was updated nicely. Everything was in working order. The stairs were a little narrow, but really steep, I fell down them the first night, after I realized the treads were narrow and learned to walk down them sideways. We gave the master downstairs to our guests because of this, they have a 2 year old and this would of been an accident waiting to happen. The condo was decently clean, but we did find the books furnished in the condo had been skipped over probably for quite a while, the outside of one was loaded with sticky stuff and all kinds of hair and the like was stuck to it. This told me that the cleaning service is probably doing a less than thorough job. Also, one set of tongs in the holder on the counter was used and put back, this prompted us to wash everything before we used it, in case something wasn’t cleaned properly. In the upstairs room there was a locked closet, in this lived a lizard who would come out when we weren’t in there, it scared the **** out of us the first couple times but we made peace with it, realizing we couldn’t catch him before he scurried back into the locked closet we could not access, not a big deal, it is hawaii after all. The only real problem I had with this condo was the mattresses, both were well beyond their effective use and resulted in our whole party getting terrible sleep. This resulted in all of us being overly tired the whole six days we stayed here. It really affected our enjoyment of our days, constantly being tired, and unless I could get a guarantee of these being replaced, I would consider this a deal breaker for coming back to this unit. Only after we checked out and checked in at the Royal lahaina resort were we able to get good sleep. Overall we loved the location, having the park next door was nice as opposed to staring at another condo unit, we really felt immerse in the neighborhood, and enjoyed this area.
Anonymous August 27, 2018
The cleanliness of this unit has been slated for quite some time and number of maintenance visitors without notification by mngmt was overwhelming.

Stairs not up to code
Infestation of maggots
Mold on shower curtain
Dirty underwear under the bed
Thick layer of dust on the portable fan
1 and 1/4 of a roll of toilet paper per bathroom for a 7 day stay
Feminine wrappers under sink
Dishwasher was full
Dirty window sills

An hour after getting into our unit an gentleman came in to measure the stairs he shared one the previous tenants fell down the stairs. At that point my parents (65+) would not be staying upstairs room. Later that evening my 12 year old son had fell down the stairs banging up his knee-perhaps he was being a little clumsy but those stairs are a hazard given they are not up to code.

It’s quite unsettling for someone to approach your room to change the locks without any notification from mngmt. We were already a couple days into our stay and did not have any issues with the door at until after it was changed. When reaching out via call and text it took over an hour to receive a response back and my dad need to get in to get his medicine.

The day before we were about to leave someone tried to come in and spray for bugs however we declined and asked him come back tomorrow as we just came back from an all day trip and were taking showers to get ready for dinner.

The day we were leaving is what really set us over the top we could not pack up and leave fast enough. Maggots everywhere and we didn’t even have any garbage! You can clearly see the maggots were not anywhere near the kitchen (videos/photo link below).

I reached out to mngmt on the ride to the airport however there was some turnover amongst the company which is why the response time was delayed when I resent the details a second time (same email as before) she was quick to close my case
Suzy K. September 15, 2016
Some fittings have been upgraded but the fixtures & general decor were tired & shabby, especially the paintwork throughout. There was no wardrobe space. One space held the hot water tank, numerous boxes & tins of paint, the other bulky items of "stuff". We had to improvise when hanging clothes up! The top two stairs to the upstairs bedroom were taped with blue insulation tape & the upstairs portable a/c unit had a split hose taped together which had slipped open in the heat, these two issues were dealt with the next day after a phone call but the upstairs room is unbearably hot regardless of fans. We did not get any checkin details until we arrived at the airport, this was only because the realty company were prompted the night before we flew. The info when it was received had out of date log in details for the condo's wi-fi, so it took some time to sort that out when we should have been out enjoying our holiday. It took 3 days to get a parking pass, which we did not know was required & this was only by request once we realised. The realty company responded when asked but these were standard operating procedures. The site office did not deal with our condo, so all requests had to be made by mobile phone at our expense. A chopping board & instructions on how to use the coffee machine would have been helpful. The insect guards on the balcony were in desperate need of a refresh & they were not easy to pull across. Sound insulation was not adequate so the young child next door who cried at all hours of the night could have been in the same room. It wasn't all bad, the condo was well equipped & comfortable & everything in the kitchen & bathrooms worked well. The view from the balcony was lovely, it is very well situated for the great local amenities. The pool was small but functional & the almost private beach had good swimming.
Anonymous June 19, 2016
This was our second trip to Maui. We chose the Hale Kai location because we need it would work well for us and it did not disappoint! The condo was clean and inviting and the property manager was prompt to reply with tips, questions or concerns. Thanks so much for a great vacation.
Brian S. January 13, 2017
Nice Location, we had great weather right on beach and Park off lanai is great to watch kids play. Stairs at apartment are very narrow and shallow steps need to be noted especially coming down for safety. kitchen had all amenities needed. We had 6 booked to be staying but had to call for bedding sheets for pull out sofa We did steal some overcovers from other room but kids had to sleep on mattress 1st night. Was a positive that after we called again we were supplied with 3 extra beach towels as we only had 3 on arival we would expect the beach towels on a condo rental to match the # of renters. Beautiful Maui and great Condo location with friendly co renters and long term owners very welcoming.
Jody S. April 7, 2017
First time visitors. Great location to everything and close to Fleming Beach which we loved. Location is great and no issues what so ever
Anonymous April 9, 2017
We really enjoyed our stay at Hale Kai, having read some of the reviews we were a little apprehensive, but the property was exactly like pictures. Very nicely decorated, clean and fabulous views of the ocean. The property was well stocked with basics including dishwasher tablets which was great. The kids loved all the snorkel equipment and body boards. The beach chairs were great too. We didn't find the accommodation too hot, we kept the slats open and the trade winds kept the property nice and cool. Swimming with turtles everyday on the small private beach was a highlight. We definitely would recommend this property to friends and would stay again. A great location and property.
Mark H. March 5, 2017
We had two very minor hiccups that were addressed by the property management company professionally and quickly. These minor items did not impact our stay at all. We would absolutely rent this unit or any other listed by them without hesitation.
Anonymous December 4, 2016
Overall we had a very good experience with the Hale Kai property. The unit was spacious and had everything we needed. The location was convenient and the beach was next door. Here are some things that are helpful to know about the unit. Although the beach is next door, the ocean at this beach has strong currents (warning signs posted) and no one used it for any swimming or boarding while we were there (we used other nearby beaches for swimming). The refrigerator door does not like to stay shut so we had to make sure that nothing was stored in the door shelves and had to constantly make sure the door was securely shut. Hot water is limited and with 3 people showering, the last person sometimes ran out of hot water near the end of their shower. It also would have been nice to have a few more towels in the unit.
Anonymous March 28, 2017
ok stay. it is not a true 2 bedroom, but rather a 1 bedroom with a loft. Which was so hot that we could not sleep in the loft and had to put our 2 year old in the family room so we could sleep in the downstairs bedroom. Overall, it was decent, but definitely needs some fixing up. The property manager was really great - our floors were not clean when we got there and she had the cleaning service come back and mop, which made a huge difference.
Deborah W. February 8, 2017
very convenient location! next to a public park, hmmm. complex older, yet well maintained. pool & beach small. although the condo has been renovated nicely it just was lacking for us. but, the sea breezes and sound of surf the best!
and we saw sea turtles on the beach!!
Anonymous November 1, 2016
Very good