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The Cottage

  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Sleeps 4
  • 870 Sq. Ft. Cottage
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  • Cottage

$239to$379 per night

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Average: 4.1/5 stars, based on 91 reviews

Marilyn A. May 27, 2018
With this property, it's all about location, location, location. Perfect spot to watch the waves, close to snorkelling, surfing, etc. Stayed at the property for 35 nights in April/May 2018. We stayed at the Cottage a number of years ago and were pleased to see some of the more recent "upgrades". Still some work to be done however before it lives up to the billing of "oceanfront opulence".

Management company was very responsive and have a very automated/slick process for checkin, checkout etc. When we arrived, we noticed a couple items that required repair and they sent their maintenance person out almost immediately to take care of the issues.

The only item that we were disappointed in is that the homes on both sides are undergoing extensive renovations and we were unaware until we arrived that we would be living with the construction noise (Boundless Hawaii claimed to be "unaware"). Although only one of the two projects was active while we were there, if you are planning on staying, you should be aware that either could be going at full blast with no notice to (or by) the management company.

Anonymous May 26, 2018
We stayed here some years ago before the remodel. You did a nice job...the kitchen, sliders to the lanai, the bathroom. Beautiful views, restful stay and we will be back.
Cristina N. August 25, 2017
The cottage was perfect! My husband and myself spent five beautiful days here. Watching sunsets and having wonderful meals on the deck. It felt like our honeymoon all over again, but maybe even better. Kona is stunning and the cottage made the experience that much better. A vacation we will never forget! Thank you to the cottage owners for sharing your beautiful home.
Andy F. July 31, 2018
Great equipped cottage on stunning oceanside. A really good location with garden and bbq. You will find some snorkeling gears, bodyboards and even two surfboards. You live on and you live with the ocean. Be prepared to the noise of the waves. Only negative aspect is: When it is getting hot outside it is unfortunately getting extreme hot inside. And the house was not really clean. But overall a great choice we will keep in good memory!
Jim P. April 29, 2018
Great Time - As Usual
Kevin B. July 30, 2018
What can I say, this place is the PERFECT oceanside beach house for a visit to the Kona area! We had never been to Hawaii before so felt blind to our choice when selecting a place to stay, but we feel like we could not have picked a better spot. This house is accessible, charming, breezy and within walking distance to an amazing beach and snorkel spot. We would wake each morning, brew local coffee and watch the waves crash on the rocks below our deck as the morning surfers came in for their early sessions. It was perfect. It always felt like home after a long day exploring the island and we can't wait to return! Also, the staff at Boundless Hawaii were an incredible help whenever we had a question leading up to the trip. I can not recommend this house enough!
Anthony S. June 16, 2018
We had a great time. This is the fifth time at this property. We loved every minute.
Ed D. February 10, 2018
great location,very clean, all necessities. happy hour and grilled fish nightly on the deck
Michele M. November 24, 2017
We loved the cottage. We always stay in oceanfront properties, but this is the most oceanfront you can get. We loved getting up in the middle of the night and just looking out at the ocean. Such a peaceful experience. Watching all the SUP, surfers, snorkelers, etc. was so fun. We did see a humpback even though it was a little early. A true highlight. I found myself wanting to own this property. I sat and thought about all I'd do to it. Any improvements I'd make are really just aesthetic. The one thing I did find was there wasn't any place comfortable for me to sit. Any furniture there is, is made more for a man. The chairs and the pullout bed are all made so deep. I'm tall, but if I put my body all the way back so my back was being supported, my feet couldn't touch the floor. This made me sit poorly. Also, no matter what we did, the gnats drove us crazy at night. We kept all the screen doors closed, but some of the screens are split and they make their way in. In the morning, it is a gnat graveyard. I'm figuring that is a little price to pay for being so close to the ocean. Or maybe it's the time of year. Some of the small appliances need to be replaced, but they still work. The bed pillows are pretty bad but using 2 pillows helped. So everything is truly aesthetic that I would do.
Anonymous September 3, 2017
Our stay at the cottage was wonderfull. We stayed a week there after 4 days in Honolulu. This stay was so much more refreshing tan Waikiki. Glad we ended our Hawaii Vacation here. The home was clean and a fun layout. It had all the necessities. It's close to the center of Kona, but not too close. The last few days the waves were big and it got the deck a little wet, but nothing to worry about. I wish the home had air conditioning. It is so humid here, and being from idaho,where it's dry, I never completely got used to it. It would have been nice to have a cool spot to come to. Thank heavens for the ocean breeze, and fans. I would try a different time of year next time, that's not quite so hot. The island and Kona were wonderful and so much to see. We have to plan another stay on big island, and when we do, we'll stay here again. Thank you Boundless Hawaii for making this a great place to stayou. The Kona coffee on the deck in morning, I will think of ever time I have a cup of Joe at home. ALOHA!!
Clinton W. November 17, 2017
It's easy to drive by but easy to find. A fenced and private cottage right on the water. Parking was easy just outside the fence and there was never an issue with the one or two locals who occassionally walked by the car and then slipped through the vegetation between the properties to go surfing. The sound of the surf was terrific and evry morning we awoke with a view over the ocean.Home was a perfect size for a couple. Kitchen had everything you need and there was a functional propane BBQ with lots of gas. Never got to use fire pit but looks like it would be a fun evening hangout with friends. Its tropical so expect a few small bugs but just keep screen doors closed. Few minor maintenance issues but you will get that located right in the spray zone - especially when the ocean gets lively. Easy ok snorkelling and beach entry less than 100m. At this time of year easy to cool home down with breezes from all directions but don't expect bone chilling AC. Great location and mangement support.
Anthony S. May 26, 2015
excellent experience. the exterior doors need upgrading
Dayton R. April 18, 2015
We had reserved The Cottage for three weeks, but left after the first night. The unit has no screens on the doors, and they must be left open to provide cross-flow ventilation, since there is no A/C. We had a number of bugs, including cockroaches in the unit, especially at night with the lights on. The unit does sit right on the water, and although the road is very close to the unit, the sound of the sea crashing on the rocks blocks any road noise. The unit does have a number of nice upgrades, but the lack of screens makes it inhabitable, at least for us.
Kevin O. March 10, 2018
The house is very nice. Beautiful location right on the water. I think the price is set well per night. The kitchen and grill allow you to make your own meals. We weren’t instructed where to park until I asked. Also, each day we woke to the sound of a grinder and construction waste slamming into a metal waste container. That went on the entire time we were there. The contractor stopped by with a small gift to make up for all the early wake ups and dumpster slamming. Asked to extend our checkout by three hours because of our late flight and there is an extra large fee for that.
The location is great and the house is close to my mom’s house. We will return to Kona but there isn’t much lead way when it comes to customer service with this rental. I felt it’s kinda of a money grab company if you want the slightest leadway you’ll pay and I have friends that want to travel there along with our return. We want to stay there again and I’m sure the construction will be completed.
Anonymous January 16, 2015
Everything was fantastic!
just a few notes. I have worked for hotels in Kona in the past and for other organizations doing living space analyzes.
The hinges on the accordion French doors should be replaced with stainless steel and oiled regularly.
Also your hot water heater may need an element changed. Only half the tub would fill with warm water befor it was as cold as water gets in Hawaii :)
All in all we loved it and have already recommended the place.
Your staff is fantastic!
Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Jimmy F. May 15, 2017
This was a great place to stay. Beautiful sunsets, quiet, relaxing. The first night was a little warm without air conditioning, but we found the fans hiding in the closet and after that it was much more pleasant. If we're ever back on the big island, we will be staying here!
Jim P. April 12, 2016
Great, as always. My wife and I have been staying here for at least 12 years. However, this year we missed the old "Funky" doors. The renovations to the kitchen and bathroom were a pleasant surprise.
Anonymous June 21, 2015
Thank you for asking us to review our stay. We had a wonderful time at 'The Cottage'. We found everything we needed at the house, from extra towels to lots of utensils for cooking. Everything was clean and ready for someone to stay. We loved it.
Anonymous October 28, 2017
Patio in front & east side need replacing -all seats were very uncomfortable-patio gas range filthy - replacing mattress is needed- Nat's & ants infestation-stove started to beep after Monday's storm we had to disconnect at circuit breaker to stop it-dryer was replaced on day before we left no dry towels for us- toaster is corroded needs replacing&a cover,please replace coffee maker then cover it
Karl M. December 3, 2015
most execlent
Leigha M. July 7, 2015
The location was great. We were able to walk down to the bay each morning and snorkel. Believe we saw more fish/eel/sea turtles there than anywhere on Kauai or Hilo. The waves at night can sometimes wake you up during your slumber but easy to go right back to bed. They had surfboard, noodles and beach towels helped out. I would def stay in that area again.
Anonymous February 4, 2017
We enjoyed the sunsets from the deck very much. The excellent grill was an added plus. Future renters be sure to look for the schools of yellow tangs that can be seen from the deck. The kitchen was well stocked with pots and utensils. The nearby pizza place that had the take and bake pizza was excellent, so perhaps a pizza cutter could be added?

Several plates were cracked and need to be discarded as those cracks are a breeding ground for bacteria. Also the dishwasher does not work and that was an inconvenience since we cooked, loaded it and set it to run while we were gone. The sign on it about closing the door is an indication that property mgmt. knows about it already.
Neale M. May 4, 2016
My wife and I stayed here for a wedding in April 2016.
This place is a nice, quirky little cottage right over the water.
It has all the features and amenities you'd need for a great stay.
On arrival everything was clean, working and as per the description.
A few things to note:
It's about 15min drive from Kona (town)
It's a 2min drive to the local grocery store
It's a 5min walk to the nearest beach park
There is a surf break right out front, so when there's waves there will be quite a few cars parked around the property and surfers getting in/out of the water right below the balcony.
There's only a door on one entrance to the bathroom, the 2nd entrance has only a curtain (right next to the toilet).
Yes... there's some cockroaches, but the management has baits all around and most of them are dead or dying. It's not 'coz the place is not cleaned - it's because the place is right over the waterfront rocks. We get them in our beach house as well.
The property managers did a great job with the pre-arrival info.
Overall, this place was a great find and certainly better than a Condo or Hotel.
Darrin V. July 22, 2016
The location of the home is perfect. Amazing views of the ocean. The bay next to the house is one of the most popular snorkeling places on the island. They provide snorkel gear, but after looking at it we chose to buy our own instead. There is surfing right outside of the home, and two surf boards were provided for use. The surfboards actually looked to be in great condition and perfect for the beginner waves out front. The bed was comfortable and we really liked the newly updated shower. There were bugs, but it sounds like that is something you just have to deal with in Hawaii. The one thing I would definitely change would be installing an A/C unit in the bedroom at least. With no A/C it was far to hot and humid in the home to comfortably sleep. The waves outside the house were actually quite loud for sleeping as well, so I would have preferred to keep the sliding door shut at night. Even with having the windows and doors open at night, and three fans on, it was still too hot most of the nights to comfortably sleep. Overall, amazing house and location, but next time I will definitely look for a place with an air conditioner.
Bob T. March 9, 2017
We stayed at the Oceanfront Honeymoon Cottage for two weeks in February. Always nice to escape the wet Oregon weather. We found the Cottage to be perfect for our needs. Right on the ocean adjacient to the best surfing beach in Kona so we could be entertained anytime of the day. The Cottage itself was a great location on Alii Drive. Close enough to Kona Town but far enough away to be peaceful.
We would recommend the Cottage. Bob & Kori
Stacey Morgain & Samuel C. September 15, 2016
The House was very clean and smelled good upon our arrival. All the necessities we needed were there. The only issue we had was no A/C made for some uncomfortable nights sleeping. The views are beautiful and the house offers multiple places to sit and relax. All and all we enjoyed are week long stay here and would recommend it to anyone who can live without A/C.
Thanks for all your accommodations,
Sam and Stacy
Anonymous May 10, 2016
We stayed in Kona for 17 days, 4 days were at the cottage, the place is awesome, barbecue, deck, hammock, updated inside with very nice amenities. Snorkel gear, surf boards and other beach gear is provided! The only complaint is the amount of bugs. Big bugs. We found large cockroaches and centipedes inside. We didn't see big bugs in the other 2 places we stayed.
Janis M. March 12, 2017
See earlier response for comments
Neal K. March 24, 2017
a beautifully appointed, well equipped home away from home right on the beach
Tony D. January 30, 2017
I actually hate to review this place so positively because I want to be able to stay here again and not compete to find open slots! However if you are a couple or single person and really enjoy the ocean right at your door, this is the place. Location is excellent for snorkeling and surfing. Rent bikes and the rest of the island is yours. Place is not fancy, but the doors open right onto the water. The surf crashes below your balcony. It does get hot though during the afternoon - the western sun pounds in. But in the morning and at night it is heaven.
Anonymous December 2, 2010
The property location was wonderfully, located, near great snorkling beaches and close to Kona. Feedback, the coffee filters were hidden away in the cookie jar not easily found and a wine bottle opening would have been helpful. A couple of bulbs were out but we were able to fix. The views, and the sound of the pounding surf was exceptional.
Joyce C. February 28, 2011
Overall the cottage was a unique experience. The location was stunning. However I would chose a location off the beach next time.

However, I would have some reservations before recommending it to a friend.

1) It is very noisy, if you are a light sleeper the surf is a distraction.

2) There is no air conditioning and the trade winds were light and fitfull when we stayed. Although the overhead fan helps it can be stuffy if you shut the doors on the lanai to cut the surf sounds.

3) The extras were not there. We had to purchase toilet paper and laundry soap which in my estimation should have been provided in more abundance for the 10 day stay. Also we could not access the internet or use the telephone without undergoing some complex process or paying extra (this was not clear).

4) Some extra indoor furniture and lighting would be appreciated. Difficult to read in the rooms at night because of dimness, nowhere to recline inside except the bed. Somewhere to eat inside would be nice, particularly if the weather is inclement - though this is not often.
Carrie M. November 22, 2010
It's a wonderful house--right on the crashing waves. Stirring and lulling at the same time. The house is solidly built, with gorgeous wooden/glass doors. It's small, with only one bed, which was okay for us on this particular trip. Sometimes we bring friends/family, though and sadly, will have to go elsewhere. The furniture is of good quality, but there's no couch (only two chairs)--probably just for lack of space. The only real negative for us, though, is that there's no table inside--so all meals have to be eaten on the lanai. For the days we were there, the weather cooperated, but I'd worry about that a bit.
Diana M. April 1, 2011
Aloha from the West Coast of British Columbia!
The Cottage was the perfect little getaway if you like being right on the ocean. You have to like hearing the crashing of the waves for sure - and we do! From the lanai watching the surfers trying to conquer the might seas is a great theraputic way to get rid of the city hum-drums! The only "issue" we encountered was the broken coffee pot! Always a city dweller, the first morning was a little rough until Walmart opened and we purchased a new coffee pot. Java is on us! We are hoping to make the Cottage our yearly retreat.
Mahalo !!!
Sarah M. April 5, 2011
This property is in the best location with waves lapping onto rocks below the lanai and beautiful sunsets ! We had an amazing 7 nights here and really enjoyed ourselves - the property could do with a bit of updating and maintenance but we didn't tend to notice due to the amazing location and view. We would highly suggest this property for couples that want a more private honeymoon :)
Anonymous December 24, 2011
The location was absolutely fantastic! We loved watching the surfers and saw turtles and marlin from our deck, which was not near, but over the water! The only problem was that there are no screens. We learned how to cope rather easily though. Overall we loved the Cottage. We will be back.
Claire & Norman S. August 18, 2011
We really enjoy the"Cottage"; but the windows and glass doors needed washing.
Anonymous October 9, 2011
Anonymous October 31, 2011
we really needed a break and this was a perfect location for us. Everything we needed was on site, and we rented snorkels and masks across the street. turtles abound. Surfers are very fun to watch and they love the waves in front of the cottage. If you want to be in the presence of the ocean, this is perfect.
Anonymous February 26, 2012
The structure is ON the ocean, in fact the waves wash against the building's lanai foundation. It is next to a great beach, snorkel area, and popular surfing spot. The surfers sometimes launch from the rocks in front of the house, and occasional fishermen using the rocks, too.

House seemed a bit 'tired' but in good shape. We appreciated use of the outdoor grill.

Access is off a busy street, but there is parking on the street and room for one car in an off-street alcove at the edge of the property. There is a fence between the road and house, so it doesn't have excessive road noise inside the house. Street is quiet at night.

There is a section of wall made of folding doors that can be opened between the living room and the lanai overlooking the ocean. These doors are not easy to operate, but do provide a wide-open feeling between indoors and outdoors.

If updating, we'd suggest a small indoor dining table and replace the sliding wall leading to the lanai with something more user-friendly and perhaps sound-deadening.

Overall it was a very nice place.
Anthony S. February 28, 2013
We stayed in this beautiful house three years ago and enjoyed this stay even more. Great laocation and canT beat the view. Can't wait for our next trip.
Anonymous March 24, 2012
Lovely little cottage by the sea - perfect for a couple. The views of Kahaluu bay are great - saw an Orca breeching, schools of dolphins swimming past, and great sunsets. The house itself was clean - it is approaching readiness for some improvements, but all in all a good value.
Shirley M. February 9, 2013
This is our 9th year staying in the Cottage, we love the place but the owners need to add some tlc after all this time.
Frank W. November 10, 2011
This was everything we wanted. Right over the water at a good price. My new wife is already telling me this is the place we are coming back to. Wonderful place can't wait to go back. I even snorkeled right of the front of the property.
Daniel B. July 12, 2011
The view and ocean sounds are amazing! We were very disappointed to find there was no hot tub, that was a main selling point for our vacation pick at the cottage. It was in all the ads and virtual tours as well as was there 3 years ago when we stayed here, a big let down to find it was gone when we arrived.
Everything worked well and the pests were at a minimum, being so close to the ocean and all, but there were still enough to make us cringe a few times. There was also trash in the kitchen garbage can and fridge when we arrived.
Kate M. February 24, 2012
Overall this place is great with a few exceptions. There is no hot tub, the jets in the bathtub don't work. The place is for sale. We could never figure out how to turn certain lights on they should be labeled. There was a mouse or mice that left little droppings for us every morning. It had everything in the kitchen except for the most important thing, a wine key. We ended up just having to stab the cork through. The location great and right on the water. When you wake up on the morning there are surfers literally 100 feet from your back door surfing. It is the best place to see the sunset by far. We are on our honeymoon and The Cottage was the 2nd stop for us. Maui being the 1st and Kauai the 3rd. We rented a condo in Maui , The Cottage in Kona and a little house off VBRO in Kauai. The amenities in Maui and Kauai were just better and more. For what you pay for the cottage they should give you unlimited toilet paper and paper towels everyone else does. All in all I think The Cottage was a great place but would not return b/c of the little things that were not working or what we were not made aware of. The other 2 places we stayed on the other two islands I would return to year after year. That is what you want your customers to say and I cannot say that about The Cottage.
Todd H. November 18, 2012
Perfect. If you have a chance spend some time at the cottage. The perfect place to explore the Kona coast from or just sit and relax.
Russ C. December 15, 2010
We have rented vacation homes many times, have rented from this property rental firm twice and in fact have our own vacation rental.

It is difficult to find a one bedroom free standing home right on the water anywhere. So this place, and the one next door (to your right as you look at the water) are nice finds. This property is pretty tired, but because of its price, that is fine. The property to the right has a pool, a second bedroom, but smaller outdoor lanai. And if you are going to rent a place right on the water, I presume you plan to live outside as much as possible.

Some reviewers complain about the noise of the waves. It is loud. But a joyous loud. If you don’t want to experience the crashing waves, then don’t rent a place with a rocky shoreline, therefore don’t rent a house on the water in Kaliua-Kona.

Extremely difficult to open the accordion doors to the outside lanai. Almost made us stop trying. But having that openness is why we were there, so we kept pushing forward. We succeeded. But we also just left them open the whole time there, even when away. A risk? Sure, but we have never had a problem in Hawaii with break-ins.

The fact that there is still no cork screw is a huge indicator that the property management company just doesn’t care. They have such a huge set of rules for renters, but don’t seem to care that the place is adequately supplied. Thank goodness that I read the review noting that the coffee filters were in the cookie jar. The property management company wants you to do almost all of their work before you check out. I’ve never experienced that with other rentals.

I wish we had known when we checked in that there would be a steady stream of dying cockroaches each day. We would have collected them and made a nice cockroach soup on our final day.

Old property. Dirty property. But right on the water and priced right. We would stay again if the property next door wasn’
Roger V. December 22, 2012
Perfect place for two to enjoy the Big Island. Saw some whales during our evenings on the big lanai. Very short walk to some of the best snorkling on the island. Great location and very comfortable. Loved it!!!
Robert H. December 29, 2012
We expected "The Cottage" to be a little funkier than it was. It's clean and had everything we needed to make meals, grill outside, and enjoy the Pacific right at our feet. The location is great - walk to snorkeling and beach. Surfers are always riding in front of the cottage. Most of the ocean-side wall opens up, floor to ceiling.