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2314 W Ocean Front AB STALAB

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 4 Bathrooms
  • Sleeps 12
  • Home
  • 3
  • 4
  • 12
  • Home

$709to$1,088 per night

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Average: 4/5 stars, based on 58 reviews

Anonymous September 12, 2018
The home was nice however the floors were filthy and disgusting. They do not clean the floors at all. The furniture in the living room is outdoor patio furniture so it was very uncomfortable. They do not notify you of the parking situation. Please be aware you only have 1 parking the other side of the street can park anywhere at any time and take as many spaces as they want and they WILL BLOCK YOU IN. We had rude neighbors that were annoyed because they were blocking us in our own parking. The Management said the police will not do anything and they could not do anything either. Very disappointed in the way I was treated when asked about the parking situation. The Property Manager was extremely rude and aggravated that I was questioning the lack of parking and the problems with the neighbors, who as well were renters from Burr White. She said she could not disturb them although they were blocking us in. In the description its stats you have 2 parking spaces however you are not allowed to park on the side of the street it says you can put a car behind.
Anonymous July 9, 2018
Spacious and convenient to everything
Christopher K. June 6, 2018
It was a absolute please working with Burr Reality, very accommodating and helpful. Would use them again!
Robert B. August 14, 2018
We had a wonderful stay. They had problems and we had to check in an hour late which was disappointing. Also, the back unit all the electricity went out and they were not sure they could fix it, but they did in a very good and timely manner.
Anonymous July 16, 2018
While we knew that the owner did a remodel, we had NO IDEA it would be so lovely! Superior work, simple and clean.
Nicholas Z. August 21, 2014
Not happy with the check-in routine. Couldn't wait to get to the house. Everything looked fine initially. But further inspection revealed filthy windows and screens. Master bath window that would not open and took the maintenance man almost half an hour to open. Missing....glassware,a BROOM and dust pan, No toilet paper, No paper towels,No garbage bags! Broken....dishwasher. Fixed once, only to have dirty dishwater fill the bottom again. Broken iron....which someone used only to feel an electric shock while using. Soap dishes in showers broken or non-existent. The BBQ grill is a JOKE! Between myself and the other cook in the group, we own EIGHT different grills, and this one was by far the WORST we've ever used. The awnings are dirty with bird ****. There's only 4 dining chairs for a home that sleeps 12. Don't look behind or in the couch in the living room....
The location is the BEST! But for the price of admission NOT up to par. The home and the bathrooms are outdated.
The washer and dryer worked fine, but I had to clean the top of both, which were filled with soap and dirt. Wasn't to happy with having to be responsible for the garbage cans to be in place for pick up...I'm on VACATION!
Robert B. August 18, 2014
We had a wonderful time. The only problem was the ice maker was not hooked up and that is a pain to have to continuly pick up ice. the window coverings were not very good and I would replace the dishwasher. But over all it was a wonderful place and we had a wonderful time.
Richard T. November 1, 2016
Very clean and well designed house. Location is really nice for off-season, but I think parking and traffic in summer months could be a challenge. Nonetheless, the house is really well set up, and value to price was excellent.
Anonymous July 7, 2014
It's a good location. But for the holiday it was to crazy.
The house was left very dirty and full of ants. We spent the entire week cleaning and trying to get the ants off food and clothing. All we had to sweep with was a dirty broom and the vacum does not suction very well. We had to go buy cleaner to clean the whole place.
The people after us got a very clean rental.
Enjoying our family was the best part.
Shaun F. April 9, 2014
Had a great time seeing family and friends, our sons loved the space we had and the Beach!
Carolyn S. September 30, 2014
Not glamorous, but just what we were looking for! The home had everything we needed to relax and feel comfortable. Close to everything and beautiful views. Being on the corner was more of a plus than we realized because parking gets tricky if you have guests coming and going as we did. Great time; we will always remember fondly.
Holly O. October 9, 2013
We loved our time in Newport. The rental is in an ideal location. We had friends and family coming and going and it worked out great. The only down side to the house is a little night street noise, but this also makes for great people watching during the day since it is so close to the Newport Pier and shops/restaurants. The house could have been a little cleaner (I am a bit OCD) i.e. cabinets need to be scrubbed, under beds vacuumed, etc. That being said, we would stay here again and probably will this winter!
Tracy C. August 22, 2016
WHAT DID OVER $6,000.00 BUY ME? A property so filthy (visible dirt/debris hanging from screens, fans, blinds)that my 1st vacation day was spent cleaning. Screens so dirty you could not open the slider to let in the breeze on top floor; dirt visible on BLACK appliances. Used beach blanket as a tablecloth because shirt sleeves kept sticking to the table. Beach may be nice during the day but we still had to sleep in the place at night and it was disgusting. This is the second time I have rented a disgustingly dirty property from Burr White at an inflated price, so apparently this is a trend and customer complaints are not taken seriously. My guests commented that management doesn't care because it is a desired location and there will always be available renters. Sad to work so hard to save to take the family somewhere nice just to end up in a place like this...shame on you Burr White.
Jerry F. April 12, 2014
Incredible time with the familily, great location along the boardwalk , everything nearby and ocean views to delight the mind and camera. We WILL do this again.
John M. August 1, 2017
Beach was and service was great...gangs of kids raising **** all night were too much....we will not be back!!
Kim B. September 20, 2016
All was good! Easy to make reservations, easy to get keys , and easy on checking out!
Anne M. December 10, 2013
15 minutes from home but felt like I was a million miles away. relaxing
Dawn W. September 18, 2013
We loved our stay at this property. The location was awesome. We parked out car and everything was in walking or bike riding distance. The decor was great.. The home was very cozy.
Roxana T. June 26, 2017
This was my first time renting with Burr White, and it was exceptional. The staff as excellent and helpful. The house was tremendous, clean, well equipped, the location was outstanding. Right on the beach, close to the pier and shops. We all enjoyed our stay, and made lifetime memories. Overall, I was very satisfied with my stay.
Mark M. August 2, 2014
The layout was fine. We had 12 people, and we could accommodate them. The dark brown carpet in the bedrooms had bleach spots, and we couldn't trust it to be clean. Ants would pop into the kitchen at inconvenient times. And while the location near the retail center was, at first, a plus. As the hour grew late it became a bad experience. People were partying in the parking lot until 2 in the morning virtually every night. Not the unit's fault, but a huge detraction from the quality of the experience. On the plus side, we never ran out of hot water, and Burr White was very responsive to our concerns.
Beth M. May 31, 2018
Had a great time with family, but..... neither of our cars fit in the garage or the parking spot. This was a huge inconvenience. This should be disclosed at the time of rental. Also, the floors were so dirty, we were really bothered by this, black feet, yuk!!!
Holly R. September 1, 2014
Great location. You can walk to almost everything. The restaurants, the bars, the beach is right in front of the house, the pier is at the end of the parking lot. Anything you want is very close. The house is very modern and has lots of room. We had a lot of visitors come and go, and there was plenty of room for everyone. The back studio is a great plus for friends or family that want a little privacy. The down side of the house is that the garage is very small, so make sure you take a midsize vehicle. We had a big truck, and it was very difficult to park inside the garage. Also, the front patio is only shaded in the mornings. So be prepared to sit directly in the sun if you're going to hang out all day and people watch. Other than that, great place.
Anonymous July 2, 2016
We have used Burr White for years and have always had a great experience but this was not the best. The house location is right by the parking lot and bars -quite noisy at night. Maybe not for families with little ones but definitely fun for young people. Another challenge was the fridge. The freezer worked but the fridge did not get cold. We reported it and I'm sure it got resolved. We also had a problem with the cable going out for 4 days and due to miscommunication, we waited for the repair guy who was out sick. This was resolved while we were there and Burr White was very decent about it, compensating us. The studio at the back was very warm. It seemed like the heat was on making it uncomfortable to sleep. The house was clean and nice inside but it was a lot of money for so many problems. Again, this would be a better location for revellers than families. Still, based on past experiences, we'll definitely use Burr White again.
Katie A. August 26, 2016
The kids enjoyed their week
Marie G. June 20, 2018
The house was located just across the beach. We were able to watch the kids play on the sand. The house was amazing, very clean. Plenty of room and accommodations were very comfortable. Every one had a wonderful time. Will definitely be coming back. Burr Realty Thanks.
Nicholas Z. September 14, 2015
Best location
Still don't know why there's no TP.....
Anonymous March 31, 2008
It is a great family tradition we hope to continue for many years to come
Tina P. March 29, 2008
There was old pizza in the oven and dirty dishes. Some sheets were clean ontop of the bed and the others hadnt been washed so we ended up washing everything. location was excellent and it was a beautiful home
Anonymous August 20, 2008
It was our first time on the ocean side. We have, for years, rented a property on the bay side that went LT lease only. So even though we felt the ocean side would never be as good - it was!!! So much more to do - easier for the kids. I found it to be noisy early (sand sifter, trash trucks, street/sidewalk sweeper) but I don't vacation to sleep late.
Mitch W. August 2, 2010
We always have a great time in Newport at this property and plan to continue too for years to come.
Keith & Denise G. September 8, 2009
The property itself was very nice. But every night, people walking from the bar were extremely loud, and would stand outside our windows and party. This would go on until two in the morning. Also, the owners across the street, took all the parking and would park parallal in their driveway so we couldn't use our garage. If we did park in front of their house, they would block us in so we couldn't get out unless we went to their door. Very rude people! We could only use the side parking and it was extremely difficult to get in. We won't use this property again next year.
Mitch W. July 21, 2009
Very fun location but can be noisy early morning with the street sweeper at the pier and late night with the bars closing at 2am.

Otherwise had a great time and the kids loved everything in walkling or biking distance.
Anonymous July 29, 2009
We enjoyed our vacation overall...the location was great for our family, convenient to the pier, beach, and restaurants. The only dissapointment was noise level at night due to our location by the bars. We were also dissapointed with lack of supplies in the house. i.e. not enough toilet paper..not one clean sponge or any paper towels. More pots and pans would be helpful also. These amenities would have made our stay a little more comfortable considering the amount we paid for the rental. Lastly the downstairs bathroom toilet handle was not working properly when we arrived, so we had to reach inside the tank to flush. Gross!
Anonymous October 8, 2015
Management personnel were wonderful to work with! They made everything very easy and pleasant. Our only complaints were that it is a very noisy location...which we already were aware of since it was our second time there and the place could of been cleaner. But.... we love being so close to the beach and boardwalk. Love Burr White!
Brad K. January 7, 2009
We enjoyed our stay, however, we have a few complaints:

1. The heat in unit B only worked a few of the nights here.
Both Burr White and I called the maintenance staff on different
days and they never showed up or even called. This is just
plain poor service. One night it was 58 degrees in the room.

2. The mold in unit B is still there in the cupboards above the microwave.
Once again, someone was suppose to come by and take care of this, however,
no one ever showed up as promised. We took some pictures of this
mold because it can be considered a health risk.

3. The phone in unit B does not work. I tried it in both of the phone jacks.

4. No one ever picked up the garbage in the alley on Monday. They picked up
the neighbor's garbage that was sitting near ours, but not ours. We hauled
garbage out to a container on the beach to compensate.

5. We were not able to get our mini van in the garage because of the one street
parking configuration. When 2 SUVs park in the street it is nearly impossible
to get something in the garage. The garage closest to the alley should have
been offered instead.

We think a partial refund in is order for our stay because of the problems we had.
These problems would be expected when renting a lower caliber house but not a place
ike this. This is the 4th time we have rented a house on the beach, and this it the
first time we have ever had any problems.

My father Dave and his wife Jenni live on Balboa Island and would like to continue
to recommend Burr White to their friends. Unless some compensation is given they
will not be able to continue making recommendations.

Anonymous August 25, 2015
We loved the house location! the best at the intersection of bike and walk paths plus close to restaurants and bars - loved that. The house on the other hand was not well maintained, the carpet is absolutely terrible. the entire house was barely surface cleaned, their was food left in cabinets there were ants everywhere. I went bought a swifter wet jet and all typical cleaning supplies plus bug spray to keep the house livable while we stayed there. We had a few issues and the management company was extremely responsive which was nice.
DARLA H. December 11, 2014
One if the best vacations ever and definitely THE best Thanksgiving ever !!
Pauline E. July 30, 2008
The neighbor to your left facing the ocean is rented by Villas rentals - the 2nd week stay was horrible - they had teenage occupants, unsupervised drinking and partying all night up to 5 a.m. I, on a daily basis requested that they shut windows and go inside and to pleaase keep noise down. I did find their father one evening and asked that he talk to them. The first and last night I did call Newport Police to report disturbance. I have to stay even though they were excessively loud, when asked they were respectful. GO FIGURE, however, I constantely had to make requests. They also were very dirty with their trash, vomit (in our back area) and cigs.
Burr White was helpful. The home was filthy when we arrived and did not receive sheets and blankets until Monday for the 4 additional beds. Burr White did help find the bedding right away when asked, but we still went two nights without bedding for some of the kids.
Anonymous June 23, 2009
What a great vacation! We parked the car and didnt need to get back in it all week. Everything we needed we could walk or ride a bike to. Very relaxing and so many different things to do from playing on the beach to admiring the beautiful sunsets every night. We can't wait to come back next year.
Anonymous September 16, 2008
We had a great vacation in this house! We loved the location, the view and the activities! The house was not as clean as it was in the past. It was dusty, dishes were dirty and we noticed a slight odor when we first arrived. However, we had no major problems and liked this house very much!
Nena M. August 24, 2010
We love this rental because of its location there's nothing like being right on the boardwalk. Love the master bedroom and bath....the bed is quite comfortable as well. Nicely furnished and has enough bathrooms to accomodate everyone.
Mitch W. July 26, 2011
Hello, we had a great time and the weather was perfect. The home needs some TLC and better cleaning of furniture, rugs, bathrooms etc.
Anonymous April 10, 2010
We loved the area and view, and had a great time. The house is nice to stay in, was disappointed in how dirty the windows were and spent some time cleaning them. Overall would stay at this location again.
Patricia B. April 10, 2014
Overall good place. The carpet was the only issue, it's old and very gross. Simple change to laminate is all it needs. Great location.
Anonymous August 25, 2011
Our family has stayed at this same beach house for the past 5 years. It is located right on the sand and very close to restaurants and other activities. The place needs some TLC and some minimal maintainence and upgrading. Frankly, we have seen it deteriorate
slightly over the past 5 years. Blinds remained broken our entire stay from check in to check out. I notified Burr White on check in with no response. This was not the case 5 years ago. Overall, we love the place and will return for years to come, but only
if there is some improvement.
Anonymous July 30, 2012
Great week at the beach. Right in the middle of the action. Great unit for adults and teenagers. Everyone has their own space and the teenagers love being in the middle of the action. Great being right on the beach!
Rene C. July 29, 2013
Besides the home being filthy, We had a great time together as a family.
Linda R. May 29, 2013
My family really enjoyed the beach house we rented from Burr White earlier this month. The house was right on the boardwalk with beautiful ocean views. We enjoyed watching the sun rise and set each day! Tons of great restaurants and coffee shops conveniently located along the boardwalk. Will definitely be renting from Burr White for next years vacation!
Anonymous October 14, 2012
Really great rental experience!
Fran L. March 29, 2008
We had a family get together and there was plenty of room for all. Nicely decorated rooms with all the amenities, esp. a well stocked kitchen. The small attached studio didn't seem to have air conditioning, but we were there in Oct. so the windows let in a breeze. The upstairs master bath leaked into the kitchen. Hopefully that has been repaired. For sure it was very comfortable and located in a great spot. We would definitly stay there again!