Search Engine Optimization

For The Vacation Rental Industry That Produces Results

RedAwning’s marketing division, Blizzard Internet Marketing, is experienced in best practice Search Engine Optimization techniques that will help attract and convert qualified customers from Google, Bing and other search engines. In a high competition, ever-changing industry, it’s important to have a proper SEO strategy that’s tailored to your goals and business needs in the Vacation Rental Industry.

Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of online marketing. Our Experts optimize your website to increase your organic online visibility by performing keyword research, ongoing on page optimization, and implementation of the most important SEO elements of your website. Including but not limited to creating keyword rich URL structures, implementing unique meta descriptions and titles, using heading tags for page structure, adding on-page text linking, structured data and other search tactics which are all critical in establishing rankings for your Vacation Rental Business.

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Important Components of SEO

  • Keyword Research and Strategy

    Learning which keywords are working for you and where there is opportunity for improvement builds a great foundation for success.  Our team will perform keyword research & analysis to determine what keywords you currently rank well for, what terms you potentially could rank for, and what your competition rankings are. This is only part of the way we determine what keyword terms and concepts to target.

  • SEO Local Content Creation

    Part of getting your website in front of the right people is focusing on using structured data, keywords, and Search Engine Optimization strategies with the location in mind. In the vacation rental industry, this concept is extremely important as most users in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries are searching with a specific destination in mind.

    Local SEO content is used to ensure your website appears in the search results for those specific destinations in order to reach your target audience and generate conversions.

  • Schema Optimization & Structured Data

    Structured data is one of the top elements of local SEO, as search engines capture this information and use it to serve up relevant results. Schema ensures your business’s information is displayed correctly in the search engine results page. We want to make sure search engines know as much as possible about your website so that you rank high and reach your target audience!

  • Website Health Audit & Maintenance

    Maintaining a fully-functioning and technically sound website is key to maintaining everything up to date with the ever-changing web and search engine world. The technical aspect of SEO includes regular monitoring of site health and functionality to ensure great user experience, and this ongoing support helps to decrease traffic decreases or other major errors that might occur.

  • Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Search Console

    Utilizing the many tools that Google offers to track your website is an important factor in a comprehensive SEO strategy. We use these tools to maintain website health, to ensure search engines are crawling the site, and to gather invaluable data about users and their behavior. As business owners, getting to know your audience opens the doors to smarter targeting and a more cost-effective marketing plan.

    RedAwning and our marketing division, Blizzard Internet Marketing are Google Certified Partners with Experts and Project Managers certified in AdWords and Google Analytics.

  • Off-Site Presence Auditing

    It is vital that your business information and branding is consistent across the web so that search engines recognize your website as a trusted source of information. Citations on Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, and other aggregate sites all hold great value, and keeping that information consistent is an important part of off-site SEO.

Why RedAwning’s Marketing Division Should Handle Your SEO

Why learn a new industry when you can trust RedAwning’s Marketing Division for all your search optimization needs. Let our professional SEO Experts lead you through the maze of digital marketing to help you accomplish all your business goals and more! Bottom line, we can help improve your web presence and ROI.

Reasons to Trust Blizzard Internet Marketing, a RedAwning Group Brand:

  • We’ll research and evaluate your website thoroughly using a host of tools to look at keyword performance as well as overall website health
  • We’ll analyze Organic performance through Google Analytics metrics to help make more-educated decisions
  • We’ll advise on off-site SEO work that influences your site and web presence beyond your website
  • You’ll learn about the industry and SEO best practices and trends and get help directly from Experts
  • You can depend on our certified and highly trained SEO team to help make informed decisions about the performance and future of your website