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For The Best Return On Your Investment

RedAwning’s marketing division, Blizzard Internet Marketing, is highly qualified being Google Ads and Bing certified the PPC team implements industry best practices to increase your ROAS. Online paid advertising has never been more usable or effective than with the Google Ads platform. With our Google Ads Certified Experts who carefully handle your account, you can rest easy knowing that your advertisements are hand-crafted and monitored closely. No missed opportunities or automated programs that end up costing more in the long-run.

PPC advertising is one of the most efficient ways to increase traffic on your website. For a great return on investment, you need a professional team to help you create a dynamic ad strategy that will get you the results you are looking for. In the highly competitive Vacation Rental Industry, getting ahead of your competitors and in front of guests first is sometimes essential in filling vacancies.

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Components of a Successful PPC Campaign

  • Comprehensive Research

    Finding the most valuable keywords for your campaign takes in-depth research and planning. We use research tools like Trellian’s Keyword Discovery to build a quality list of keywords for your paid ads.

  • Clear Funnels

    It should be easy for users to complete the goal that you are targeting. Using the high-quality landing pages is one of the most important parts of the funnel; where users decide if they will continue towards conversion, or leave your website.

    The more users that convert, the lower your cost-per-click, and the more successful your campaigns are overall!

  • Relevant and Effective Targeting

    Ensuring the proper use of keyword groupings is important in maintaining a successful and cost-effective campaign.

  • Goal Tracking

    Measurable results are how we know if a campaign has been successful, and how we gather information for the next campaign. Having a clear measurement of your ROI is one way to be sure of the effectiveness of a campaign, and that is why we use Google Analytics goal tracking.

    Google Analytics will track conversions like online bookings so that you can see how your dollars are being spent.

Why RedAwning’s Marketing Division Should Handle Your Paid Ads

Where is my time best spent on my business – learning about another industry altogether, or finding a professional company that has a long record of accomplishment and helping business owners live their dreams of business success? Trust the Experts at Blizzard Internet Marketing to get you the return on ad spend that will help your bottom line.

Reasons to Trust Blizzard Internet Marketing, a RedAwning Group Brand:

  • We’ll create, manage, and optimize Google Ads and Bing campaigns in line with best practices for top performance
  • We’ll teach you about the industry and you’ll get help directly from our Experts
  • You’ll save time, save time, save time!
    • With our Experts managing your accounts, you can spend your valuable time doing other important items on the agenda, like running your business!