Email Marketing

For Effectively Engaging With Guests

RedAwning’s marketing division, Blizzard Internet Marketing, partners with the powerful, best-of-breed platform Constant Contact® to provide affordable and effective Email Marketing to clients. Using this platform and others we develop email campaigns to help you build genuine relationships with your audience.

Email marketing is a great tool to reach out to users and to stay on their radar as a brand they respect. It is also a great tool to increase revenue as it gives you the ability to send highly targeted, thoughtfully timed messages to a specific audience. In the long run, this leads to high-quality traffic to your website and ultimately higher conversion rates.

In the Vacation Rental Industry, email marketing is a great way to reach out to potential customers with attractive media about your destination. For example, local events, upcoming discounts and holiday specials, recent blog posts, and so much more!

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Building an Email Marketing Plan

  • Subscriber List

    Email Sign-up: Create an Email Sign-up form for your website to ensure a clean list of interested customers.

  • Database Entry

    Past Guests: Add your Past Guest lists to your database to grow your reach. Chances are they’ll like hearing from you again!

  • Design

    Email Templates: Create expertly designed Email Templates, for promotional emails and newsletters to your owners, that match your brand.

  • Strategy

    Targeted Audience: Send mass email blasts based on a strategy determined by you and an Expert to a Targeted Audience.

  • Return on Investment

    Google Analytics: Determine revenue driven by promotional offers and clicks from your email campaigns through Google Analytics.

Why RedAwning’s Marketing Division Should Handle Your Custom Emails

The Experts at Blizzard Internet Marketing love helping clients design effective email newsletters, assisting with anything from photo placement to calls to action, list management, and campaign planning. We can build out any aspect of your email marketing plan with ease, implementing industry best practices.

Reasons to Trust Blizzard by RedAwning Group:

  • We use HTML Email templates to design newsletters that fit beautifully with your brand and website and display well on mobile.
    • As the campaign goes live, we track and measure the results to help determine it’s effectiveness.
  • Our “No Spam Policy” ensures that your subscribers’ experience is positive and we strictly follow email marketing best practices.
    • We never purchase or sell email lists and our clients are held to the same standard.