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The New Google Channel | Everything You Need To Know

Are your listings optimized for this new industry shakeup?

Webinar by Tim Choate & Susan Blizzard

70% of global travel starts at Google. Whether you are a travel professional in the transportation, hospitality or entertainment sector, this statistic affects you. It should come as no surprise that Google has always been a prime location on which for businesses to advertise and consumers to shop. 

10 years ago Google began what would become its ultimate vehicle into the travel space by launching a little web application you may have heard about called Google Maps. What started as a basic navigation tool has evolved into the darling of the travel market, claiming every sector of the industry one by one by one.

Google Flights made its mark by acting as a meta search engine on which travelers could compare flight rates across thousands of different websites. Subsequently, Google Hotels emerged and outperformed its own Google ad program by yielding 45% higher conversion rates than its pay to play online advertising platform. 

Seven years ago it would have been unheard of for a vacation rental to be listed on the Google Map search engine but today, modern travelers have come to embrace the vacation rental niche. So much so that experts at VRMB predict that by the year 2020 vacation rentals will have far outgrown the hotel sector, and who better than Google to take that chicken and turn it into an egg? Or was it the egg that came first? Anyways… 

Google recently launched their newest feature Google Hotel Search for Vacation Rentals after an extensive beta stage with RedAwning as one of only seven beta partners. Travelers are now able to filter for alternative accommodation listings just like yours by simply selecting the vacation rentals filter on the Google Hotel search engine.

Naturally, vacation rental managers and owners are left asking themselves How can I optimize my listings for maximum exposure on Google’s Hotel Search for Vacation Rentals?

Catch RedAwning’s CEO and Founder Tim Choate, and Susan Blizzard, the President of Blizzard Internet Marketing A RedAwning Group Brand, tour of the brand new Google Search functionality that has taken the industry by storm.

Get your listings maximum exposure on the Google search engine by understanding where it came from, how it was conceived, how it functions today and where it’s heading.

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