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Are you getting the most out of your partnership with RedAwning?

Written by Jade Shojaee, Webinar by Travis Peterson

You have the vacation homes and we have the tools to get them distributed, marketed, and booked. RedAwning lives to help property managers like you drive bookings and build your brand whether it be globally or locally. But are you aware of all the resources that are available to you and more importantly, do you know how to utilize them? There so many effortless hacks you can use to increase conversions and get in front of as many travelers shopping online as possible.

For example, playing around with something as simple as your minimum night requirements can give you a competitive edge. You might consider experimenting with this during off seasons by lowering your minimum stay requirements and seeing if that picks up the pace of your shoulder season slump. Rates are another place where you can stand to be a little flexible. Successful property managers know how to create effective pricing tiers, weekend vs weekday rates and more.

One of our most exciting new initiatives is the free cancel program in which guests are able to cancel up to 60 days before their check-in date without penalty. During the trial phase of this program, RedAwning property managers saw bookings literally double in scale when a penalty-free 30 day cancelation policy was offered. But first thing’s first…

Let’s talk about your content. How often are you changing your photos? If your home is in a snowy area, do you alternate your photos for travelers to get an idea of what your property is like in the summer vs. in the winter? Also, and we cannot emphasize this enough, please use high resolution photos. Travis will talk more about that in his webinar but it is just SO IMPORTANT, it can’t hurt to say it twice. Your content scores will thank you for it. Speaking of content scores, do you know yours? Do you know how to improve it?

In this webinar Insider Tips and Tricks: How to Get the Most Out of Your Partnership with RedAwning, you’ll learn everything you need to know about setting rates, the impact of using quality images, implementing tags to get more clicks, running effective promotions, getting your listings in front of’s highest annual spenders and how to get the most out of the many services provided by RedAwning. Are you ready to do less work for more reservations?  

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