10 Things You Can Do Today To Ramp Up Shoulder Season Bookings

Get more heads in beds all year long!

Written by Jade Shojaee, Webinar hosted by Pamela Longley

Nobody ever said going into vacation rental management would be easy but you know as well as we do that doesn’t even begin to cover it once shoulder season rears its ugly (and seemingly unmarketable) head. The thing is, it’s not as impossible as you may think to fill those occupancy gaps during the “less desirable” seasons in your region.

A former property manager herself, Pamela Longley, RedAwning’s North American/Ski Division Market Manager is no stranger to those slow, painstaking seasons that seem to evoke gray hairs, sleepless nights and dwindling revenue streams. That said, Pamela has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to filling those beds when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Here are 5 things you can do to stay ahead no matter the season! Check out the webinar, Ramping Up Shoulder Season Bookings to learn all 10!

1. Define Your Shoulder Season

The first step is defining which season/seasons are causing the biggest dent in your piggy bank and why. And don’t look only for the obvious! There are mini shoulder seasons, micro-seasons and all sorts of sub-seasons that, once explored, might reveal themselves as unexpectedly incredible times to visit your region.

2. Define Who Travels to Your Destination During Of-Peak Times

It’s important to find out who is biting during these off-seasons so you can adapt your marketing strategy to drive bookings to this crowd. Watch the webinar to learn more about putting together a digital marketing strategy or reach out to one of our Market Managers to find out how RedAwning can help.

3. Get Potential Guests to Choose You

Know what it takes to appeal to guests during micro-seasons. What reasons can you give them to book you over the competition? “Match the demand and be flexible,” says Longley. Keep in mind, data is your best friend and your only friend when it comes to tracking guest patterns season on season. Knowing the behavior flow of your guests is the best way to determine your marketing strategy, to curate OTA promotions and to adjust pricing based on demand. Luckily, April’s Under the Awning webinar will be all about using Google Analytics to help you drive your bookings and grow your business.

4. Yield

Pamela suggests getting involved with local chambers which will help you stay connected to the community. This can really help you determine your shoulder and micro-seasons as well as which seasonal attractions might help you market your destination during an “off”/slow season.

5. Show Love to The Weekdays

Don’t assume guests are only interested in traveling on the weekends. The weekdays can be an awesome way for you to offer lower prices and help convince people to explore your destination during a new season! A micro-season can even be a couple of days in a row if you understand the overlay of events on the market. Watch the webinar to explore resources that will help you to determine your shoulder and off-peak seasons.

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