Additional Rental Terms

This Property is managed by a professional Property Manager and all Bookings are subject to these additional terms and conditions, which are incorporated in the Rental Agreement by reference.

Refunds & Cancellations

PAYMENTS: A 50% deposit is due to reserve this property. automatically collects a 50% percent deposit. The balance will be due 60 days prior to Check-in.

NO CANCELLATIONS: Your 50% deposit is non-refundable after the 24 hour grace period.  The 50% balance due at 60 days is also non-refundable when paid. .

WINTER CONDITIONS/SNOW REMOVAL: The Property shall be delivered with driveway, immediate walkways, and hot tub covers free of snow up to 4 inches. Guest agrees to make reasonable efforts to clear snow on decks, stairways, walkway surfaces and hot tub cover (if applicable) during their stay. Shovel and ice melt are provided. It is important to keep the snow load down on hot tub cover and decks or they will become unusable. Owner shall provide driveway snow removal once per day for snow levels over 6 inches.

FURNITURE/TOWELS/KEYS/HOA PASSES/GARAGE DOOR OPENERS: Guest shall not move furniture or furnishings within the premises. Towels may not to be removed from the premises. Guest must leave keys, HOA Passes and Garage Door Openers on the kitchen counter upon departure. Guest agrees to pay Owner $50 per missing key, $100 per missing HOA Pass and $160 per missing Garage Door Opener.

CHECK IN PROCEDURE: Guest should print and bring the Confirmation document along with them. This document has all the arrival details, directions to the house, lock box code, etc. Guests check in directly at the Property using this information. Please use the key in the lock box for initially accessing the Property upon arrival. Inside, Guests will find 2 sets of keys for their use during their stay, and the original key should go back into the lock box. This will allow our staff to access the home during a Guest stay if maintenance is needed.

CHECK OUT PROCEDURE: Guests are asked to leave the 2 Guest key sets in the home upon departure, ensure the premises is locked and secured, and place the main key back in the lockbox. Guest shall report any damaged or missing keys, passes or garage door openers at this time. Guest shall empty the premises of all persons; vacate any/all parking and/or storage space; and deliver the premises to Owner in the same condition, less ordinary wear, as received upon arrival. Guest is asked to start one load of wash and/or strip all used beds, place garbage in the garbage bear enclosures or garage (do NOT leave outside), turn the heat down to 55 degrees and close and lock all windows and doors. Guest must ensure that all dishes are washed and put away or loaded and run in the dishwasher, and ensure that the home is generally tidy and ready to be vacuumed and sanitized by our cleaning staff.

BONFIRES: Guest may not light any exterior fire on the premises or surrounding greenbelt at any time. Renter may use a natural gas fire pit if available at the property.